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Portage Township Ordinances from 2011 through 2016

2011-1 Sewer Testing
2011-2 Traffic & Parking on Knox Avenue
2011-3 Driveway Permits
2011-4 Abolish Township Manager Position
2011-5 Cambria County EIT Tax Collection
2011-6 Permits for Road Occupancy and Boring
2011-7 Excess Weight Limits

Meade Street Land Purchase

 2012-1  Amending Road Opening Ordinance
 2012-2  Floodplain Management
 2012-3  Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement
 2012-4  Traffic Regulations-Dulancey, Ida, and James
 2012-5  Subdivision Ordinance
 2012-5  Appendix to Subdivision Ordinance
 2012-6  CCBCEA/Laurel Municipal Inspections Intergovernmental Cooperation
 2012-7  Amendment to PMRS Pension Plan
 2012-8  Traffic Regulations on Puritan and Beck Road
 2013-1  Mandatory Water Connection
 2013-2  Road Weight Limits

 Stop Sign-Lumber road & Shoemaker Circle

 2014-1  Stop Sign-Cyran Alley and Spring Hill
2015-3 Purchase of Land (Route 53 for new bldg.)
1-2016 Grant Writing Services Intermunicipal
3-2016 Note Obligation for New Building on 53
2017-1 Junk Yard Amendment